Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5 (Brendan)

Yesterday was hard. Really hard. I wanted pizza. I wanted an ice cream sundae. I wanted fudge on the previously mentioned sundae. Yet I refrained (Brendan here again obviously). For breakfast we had raw porridge again with banana (yum).

For lunch I had hummus and for dinner I had 2 enormous salads with lettuce, spinach, carrots, black beans, red peppers, cucumbers, a small piece of chicken, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. A big reason why this diet is so hard is because of the quality of vegetables that I have available. Normally I would have been totally content with 2 salads but TDR's lettuce is dead and limp, their spinach had weird clear granules on it, and the overall taste of the vegetables is far from fresh. Yesterday morning was also the first time me and Bella used the juicer! Sounds exciting but the oranges we used were spoiled so we threw all the juice away and the watermelon juice was nasty because we juiced the rind with it. I also made myself a little snack last night that was awesome.I took a piece of the sprouted bread we have and covered it with raw almond butter and apple slices. It was delicious. It was amazing. This raw almond butter is my jam. I've gone through so much in this short amount of time. I'm nearly out which is heartbreaking since it has become such a staple of my diet.

Being raw is extremely hard. I feel it getting harder as school work starts to come up and other obligations begin to stockpile. I don't know how feasible doing this at college is going to be. I love doing it and it's extremely fun but it's expensive, time consuming, and difficult to be persistent with. I really hope we can keep it up. I'll talk to Bella tonight about strategies and other things we can eat. That's all for now. I'll post about today after Bella does her post.

Also quick side note. Those wheat berries we were sprouting to make Rejuvelac went bad. I was rinsing them last night and nearly threw up at their smell and feel. I pooped one open and they were filled with what looked like moldy elmers glue. I was nauseous for hours after being in contact with them and promptly dumped them right into the garbage. RAW 4 LYFE.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 4

We're a bit behind on our posts. Yesterday for breakfast we both had apples and almond butter. We ate nothing in between our writing and math class (big mistake). I ate a raw bar during math but after that neither of us ate until 4 o clock when we were both completely famished. We went to TDR (dining hall) and ate a huge meal. We both had a huge salad, I (Brendan) had two. We both also ate a banana each and a bit of soup. We salivated over the croissant paninis they were serving but strongly refrained. As for Bella her food for the day stopped there other than a few pieces of pineapple and some grapes. As for me, I ate at Chipotle BUT had no cheese or tortilla. I got a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, half chicken-half steak, lettuce, tomato, onion and guacamole. Not the best meal ever and not our proudest day but we're trying. It's hard but it's going to pay off. A week from now we'll be Olympic gold medalists. See ya.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 3 (Brendan)

I don't have to much to say about yesterday other then I felt more normal than the first two days. I did have a bit of chicken on my huge Caesar salad at dinner but it was way less then 25%. I ate hummus for lunch again with lentils and had an awesome breakfast. Bella already described it so I won't be redundant. Raw feels good.

Day 3 (Bella)

Yesterday was a pretty successful day I would say; I think Brendan and I are both starting to get along with our bodies again. That sounds creepy. I mean that our bodies don't hate us as much anymore for this raw shiz we're doing to them.

Anyway, yesterday was the best breakfast we've had as of yet. It was the same breakfast we had the first day, plus coconut and chia seeds. We didn't have any more almond milk, which was a-ok because after a few days of soaking the concoction it was kind of gelatinous. Which sounds gross, but it was really good. the end.

For lunch I went to TDR and got a huge salad and a bunch of hummus to take home and make a sandwich with the sprouted bread we bought the other day. I came back to the dorm to eat it and decided to eat the sandwich first. Then, something miraculous happened... I couldn't finish everything on my plate. Halfway through my hummus sandwich, I became so full that I couldn't finish it nor the salad. This literally never happens to me. I'm guessing my stomach is shrinking, which is not really why I'm doing this whole raw thing but was a pretty nice bonus if I do say so myself.

For dinner I went to TDR again and caved a little bit. For the first time that I've seen, the cafeteria had an entire station filled with cups for yogurt parfaits. Literally the downfall of my life. So I had some peach yogurt (not raw, but it's all good) with raspberries and blueberries. YUM. Oh, and lots of pineapple and watermelon. Not very many veggies, but I'll try to make up for it today.

Oh, final thing. To reward myself for being mostly raw, I went to the student run cafe (The Dav) and had the BEST chai tea latte (with soy milk, meh.) I have ever had. In my life. Spiced chai is ze shit.

On to today... this morning Brendan and I were both lazy so we had apples and almond butter (which is so good, by the way) and a few bites of the first day's breakfast, which was definitely not as good as yesterday's. Then we went to English class, and now we're chillin. It's interesting because I don't feel like complete and utter shit right now. Besides being hungry, which is something that I'm actually getting used to, I'm feelin pretty good! Psyched for my juicer to come in, which should be within the next few days. Then 6 floor Hughes will turn into Smoothies R Us. SWEET. SICK. RAW. Okay, turning it over to Brendan. peace.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 2 (Brendan)

Yo! Day two, done. Easy stuff. I had a pretty good day. Felt crappy around midday but I didn't do too bad. I'm tired. Then again, I don't sleep enough. It's out of place for me to write this here but my four hour final cut lab was boring as HELL. Anyway...Breakfast!!! Today we made good use of that sweetened almond cream on some fresh blueberries with honeydew on the side.

After breakfast I went on a bike ride with The Deech through the hilliest place this side of the Mississippi River has to offer. Seriously folks this road gave me a run for my money. By the time me and The Deech got back to campus after a 40 minute ride I was completely wiped of all energy and half frozen. I ran back to the room to eat. I made a truckload of hummus which I ate a considerable amount of directly after. This consisted of me mercilessly attacking the hummus for 15 minutes with baby carrots and cucumber chunks. In addition, to making the hummus I also made awesome raw red lentil salad that I ate for dinner. In the salad was...

-Red Pepper
-Raw Soaked Red Lentils
-Olive Oil
-Bragg's Aminos

It was delicious. Before my class at 5:30 I made myself a snack which was incredible. I took some sprouted bread...I forget the name of it and it's in Bella's room so I will post it tomorrow. Anyways, I took the bread and on top spread a mixture of half an avocado with olive oil and black pepper. I had two slices of this and a banana before class and was sustained until I got back to my room at 9:30pm. I'm mad I forgot to take a picture of it but I'll probably eat it again shortly so I'll be sure to next time.

Then came dinner! Dinner was a mix of a few things. I had some of the red lentil salad as well as some spinach with chick peas on top. I washed it down with a glass of raw almond milk and had some raw applesauce and half of a honey tangerine for dessert.

Overall, not a bad day. Bella was too tired to write tonight so she went to bed. We shared breakfast and for lunch she had a salad with cucumbers, carrots, olive oil, and snap peas. She also had a little bit of yogurt. For dinner she had some brown rice, tangerines, carrots, lettuce, baby corn, cucumbers, broccoli, and a bit of granola.

We both are doing good and keeping to the rule of 75% raw. It's hard but for now it's doable. More to come tomorrow. I'm exhausted. Peace, Love, RAW.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1 day down, a lifetime more to go.

We did it. One day of raw life and we're still standing (Kind of [says Bella]). It's hard. Today was also the longest day ever. It feels like 3 days ago that we ate that porridge. For dinner I (Brendan) had 2 different kinds of salad and a little bit of roasted butternut squash. The salads had arugula, spinach, carrots, green beans, and peas in them. I also went and ate a second lunch with Sam (My boss room mate) and had some steamed broccoli, cold black beans with corns and peppers, and a salad.

Something funny happened at dinner tonight that I think is worth sharing. I was craving bread. All I wanted was a slice of pizza. One slice. One god damn slice. I decided I was going to just look at the pizza. Like Squidward did in that episode of Spongebob. So I walk over and just spend a few seconds staring at the cheese and walk away. Little did I know DK (other boss room mate) and Jesse (not a room mate but still a boss guy) were watching me from across the dining hall. They later told me how stupid I looked briefly gawking at the pizza before walking away defeated. I didn't eat the pizza. I feel my body detoxing. I'm 75% raw and also spending nearly 75% of the day in the bathroom (just saying). The point of this is to track my progress and it's a worthwhile update. Well that's all for now. I'll let Bella share her day and then we'll come back at the end to explain tomorrow's plan.

Hello people. My day was much less exciting, and resulted in much more pain and misery. Don't know how boys can survive this shit. Anyway, after porridge and cucumber/carrot/hummus/spinach salad concoction, it was around 1 pm and I was feeling very proud of my hypoglycemia for not deciding to kick in.. yet. So of course, then it did. And all I really wanted was a giant piece of cinnamon raisin toast with blackberry jelly. But instead, I went straight to my room and had a banana. Was feeling proud of myself again, but then the room started spinning. Eventually I got through it and made it until around 5, when a group I am in presented us with a Middle Eastern feast. The gods of anti-raw must have known that I would be there. Watching my friends eat basil pita and a plethora of beans and other middle eastern delicacies made me want to curse the raw gods and eat a piece of cake. But, like the good little girl I am, I settled for the hummus and salad, and rewarded myself with baked beans and brown rice. Being a perfectionist is hard. When I said I was going 75% raw, I really said in my head that 75% was for the weaklings of the earth and that I could do better than that. But I lied to myself. 75% really is enough. Gotta accept it and eat the dried mango in front of me if I wanna. Done blabbering. Back to the much more literate Brendan. peace out.

So tomorrow's plan...(Brendan here again) I made some almond cream with DK aka The Deech earlier which is just soaked almonds, agave, water, and vanilla extract. Tomorrow we will have said cream atop delicious fresh blueberries. We will pair this with some honeydew melon and call that breakfast. The red lentils we have been soaking should be ready to go and we'll be making delicious red lentil salad for lunch with tons of ingredients which we will post tomorrow (with pictures). Additionally, me and the Deech made some applesauce which we will have throughout the day as well. Bonus points if we get ourselves some sprouted bread and spread avocado and and olive oil on it for a snack. FUCK that sounds good. Well as day one comes to a close we will say goodnight, were both hungry, Bella's excited, and my insides are putting on a world class rendition of Cirque De Soleil. Peace, Love, RAW! (I wasn't going to write that again but Bella insisted I did.) ((Also using the verb insisted was her idea.)) Goodnight for real.

Day One!

And so it begins. We're raw. We didn't wait until February first as we intended we just sort of started. So much for my last piece of pizza and/or bacon cheeseburger (This is Brendan typing obviously). We started today with the porridge we were soaking last night for breakfast. It was made from:

-Raw Rolled Oats
-Raw Almonds
-Raw Raisins
-Raw Flax Seed
-Raw Sesame Seeds
- Lecithin (A fat emulsifier #googleit)

We ate this with some raw unsweetened almond milk, made from the almonds we soaked last night. Then we went to our writing class.

After class we were hungry again because we hadn't eaten that much so I decided to make something quickly for lunch. I grabbed some Spinach and threw it into a bowl with some cucumbers and carrots and chick peas. I made a dressing of Olive Oil, Braggs Aminos (A soy sauce alternative), fresh lemon, and black pepper. I poured some of this on and topped the whole thing off with a scoop of the hummus we made yesterday. It was muy delicioso. We'll post dinner later. "Peace, Love, RAW." lol bouta' copyright that shit.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Preperations yo!

Wheat Berries that we're sprouting to make Rejuvelac (Google it) and some porridge soaking for the morning.

We're also sprouting red lentils and soaking almonds for some almond milk for the granola! We're tired, bye!


Although this looks like a disgusting cave of shit, it's actually our first successful creation. Hummus with baby carrots (Carrots not pictured, deal with it). It was a little garlicky and lemony but not bad for a first attempt!

Dry Supplies

Here we go!

Today we began our journey into the world of raw (or some shit like that). We went food shopping at two different stores in order to compile some basics. I (Brendan) already brought a ton of stuff with me to school (photo to come) and today we just finished getting the essentials. Were transitioning into the diet over the next couple of days as we wait for Bella's juicer. Our original goal was 30 days but as we walked around Whole Foods and Safeway today we realized we should just make it a lifestyle depending on how well it goes. So as of now we are doing this until further notice. I've been reading tons of stuff on raw foods and wholesome health and will continue to read throughout the process. We're working on some meals at the moment and pictures and descriptions will be posted shortly. I think the hardest part of this will be the preparation for it. We need to make certain things in advance since we need to soak nuts, dried fruits, and grains, sprout seeds, and ferment particular foods. We're both excited as hell. Here's a list of some of the dry ingredients we already have here in the dorm...

Raw Almonds, Raisins, Raw Walnuts, Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Raw Coconut Flakes, Chia Seeds, Dulse, Raw Honey and Blue Agave, Raw Wheat Berries, Raw Wheat Germ, Raw Flax Seeds, Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Rolled Oats, Raw Red Lentils, Raw Almond Butter, Olive Oil, Raw Quinoa, Lecithin, Chick Peas, and Black Beans.

Produce that we have as of now includes: Green and Red Peppers, Lemons, Garlic, Cucumber, Spinach, Avocado, Onion, Orange, Baby Carrot, and Watermelon. (Most other produce we're going to buy as we go or steal from TDR [our dining hall]).

Photos are coming!!!


Heyo! Were Brendan and Bella and the point of this blog is to record our progress as we attempt to undertake a 75% raw diet. This blog is an online log for us (because no one is reading this, let's be real) to reference what we have done so far and keep us accountable for our "diet." We'll upload pictures, and blurbs, and entries, explaining what we're cooking, how we're feeling, and just a general point of reference of our progress. We're chillin' raw style. Peace out bitches.