Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1 day down, a lifetime more to go.

We did it. One day of raw life and we're still standing (Kind of [says Bella]). It's hard. Today was also the longest day ever. It feels like 3 days ago that we ate that porridge. For dinner I (Brendan) had 2 different kinds of salad and a little bit of roasted butternut squash. The salads had arugula, spinach, carrots, green beans, and peas in them. I also went and ate a second lunch with Sam (My boss room mate) and had some steamed broccoli, cold black beans with corns and peppers, and a salad.

Something funny happened at dinner tonight that I think is worth sharing. I was craving bread. All I wanted was a slice of pizza. One slice. One god damn slice. I decided I was going to just look at the pizza. Like Squidward did in that episode of Spongebob. So I walk over and just spend a few seconds staring at the cheese and walk away. Little did I know DK (other boss room mate) and Jesse (not a room mate but still a boss guy) were watching me from across the dining hall. They later told me how stupid I looked briefly gawking at the pizza before walking away defeated. I didn't eat the pizza. I feel my body detoxing. I'm 75% raw and also spending nearly 75% of the day in the bathroom (just saying). The point of this is to track my progress and it's a worthwhile update. Well that's all for now. I'll let Bella share her day and then we'll come back at the end to explain tomorrow's plan.

Hello people. My day was much less exciting, and resulted in much more pain and misery. Don't know how boys can survive this shit. Anyway, after porridge and cucumber/carrot/hummus/spinach salad concoction, it was around 1 pm and I was feeling very proud of my hypoglycemia for not deciding to kick in.. yet. So of course, then it did. And all I really wanted was a giant piece of cinnamon raisin toast with blackberry jelly. But instead, I went straight to my room and had a banana. Was feeling proud of myself again, but then the room started spinning. Eventually I got through it and made it until around 5, when a group I am in presented us with a Middle Eastern feast. The gods of anti-raw must have known that I would be there. Watching my friends eat basil pita and a plethora of beans and other middle eastern delicacies made me want to curse the raw gods and eat a piece of cake. But, like the good little girl I am, I settled for the hummus and salad, and rewarded myself with baked beans and brown rice. Being a perfectionist is hard. When I said I was going 75% raw, I really said in my head that 75% was for the weaklings of the earth and that I could do better than that. But I lied to myself. 75% really is enough. Gotta accept it and eat the dried mango in front of me if I wanna. Done blabbering. Back to the much more literate Brendan. peace out.

So tomorrow's plan...(Brendan here again) I made some almond cream with DK aka The Deech earlier which is just soaked almonds, agave, water, and vanilla extract. Tomorrow we will have said cream atop delicious fresh blueberries. We will pair this with some honeydew melon and call that breakfast. The red lentils we have been soaking should be ready to go and we'll be making delicious red lentil salad for lunch with tons of ingredients which we will post tomorrow (with pictures). Additionally, me and the Deech made some applesauce which we will have throughout the day as well. Bonus points if we get ourselves some sprouted bread and spread avocado and and olive oil on it for a snack. FUCK that sounds good. Well as day one comes to a close we will say goodnight, were both hungry, Bella's excited, and my insides are putting on a world class rendition of Cirque De Soleil. Peace, Love, RAW! (I wasn't going to write that again but Bella insisted I did.) ((Also using the verb insisted was her idea.)) Goodnight for real.

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