Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 2 (Brendan)

Yo! Day two, done. Easy stuff. I had a pretty good day. Felt crappy around midday but I didn't do too bad. I'm tired. Then again, I don't sleep enough. It's out of place for me to write this here but my four hour final cut lab was boring as HELL. Anyway...Breakfast!!! Today we made good use of that sweetened almond cream on some fresh blueberries with honeydew on the side.

After breakfast I went on a bike ride with The Deech through the hilliest place this side of the Mississippi River has to offer. Seriously folks this road gave me a run for my money. By the time me and The Deech got back to campus after a 40 minute ride I was completely wiped of all energy and half frozen. I ran back to the room to eat. I made a truckload of hummus which I ate a considerable amount of directly after. This consisted of me mercilessly attacking the hummus for 15 minutes with baby carrots and cucumber chunks. In addition, to making the hummus I also made awesome raw red lentil salad that I ate for dinner. In the salad was...

-Red Pepper
-Raw Soaked Red Lentils
-Olive Oil
-Bragg's Aminos

It was delicious. Before my class at 5:30 I made myself a snack which was incredible. I took some sprouted bread...I forget the name of it and it's in Bella's room so I will post it tomorrow. Anyways, I took the bread and on top spread a mixture of half an avocado with olive oil and black pepper. I had two slices of this and a banana before class and was sustained until I got back to my room at 9:30pm. I'm mad I forgot to take a picture of it but I'll probably eat it again shortly so I'll be sure to next time.

Then came dinner! Dinner was a mix of a few things. I had some of the red lentil salad as well as some spinach with chick peas on top. I washed it down with a glass of raw almond milk and had some raw applesauce and half of a honey tangerine for dessert.

Overall, not a bad day. Bella was too tired to write tonight so she went to bed. We shared breakfast and for lunch she had a salad with cucumbers, carrots, olive oil, and snap peas. She also had a little bit of yogurt. For dinner she had some brown rice, tangerines, carrots, lettuce, baby corn, cucumbers, broccoli, and a bit of granola.

We both are doing good and keeping to the rule of 75% raw. It's hard but for now it's doable. More to come tomorrow. I'm exhausted. Peace, Love, RAW.

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