Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day One!

And so it begins. We're raw. We didn't wait until February first as we intended we just sort of started. So much for my last piece of pizza and/or bacon cheeseburger (This is Brendan typing obviously). We started today with the porridge we were soaking last night for breakfast. It was made from:

-Raw Rolled Oats
-Raw Almonds
-Raw Raisins
-Raw Flax Seed
-Raw Sesame Seeds
- Lecithin (A fat emulsifier #googleit)

We ate this with some raw unsweetened almond milk, made from the almonds we soaked last night. Then we went to our writing class.

After class we were hungry again because we hadn't eaten that much so I decided to make something quickly for lunch. I grabbed some Spinach and threw it into a bowl with some cucumbers and carrots and chick peas. I made a dressing of Olive Oil, Braggs Aminos (A soy sauce alternative), fresh lemon, and black pepper. I poured some of this on and topped the whole thing off with a scoop of the hummus we made yesterday. It was muy delicioso. We'll post dinner later. "Peace, Love, RAW." lol bouta' copyright that shit.

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